​​​Church of the Infinite Spirit 


Adult Lyceum Classes

From 9:15 a.m. to 10:15 a.m., on Sundays before the 10:30 a.m. service, Pastor Daiva Morales holds an adult lyceum class on Spiritualism.

Spiritualism is a Way of Life -- how you think, act, feel, treat your fellow man, determines the spirit guides who are attracted to you from the afterlife to work with you and guide you.  Like attracts like.  How you live your life on the Earth plane determines where you will find yourself in the afterlife.  Spiritual Natural Laws are God's laws.  They change for no one.

Pine Grove Spiritualist Camp

From June through September, this beautiful camp, overlooking the shores of Niantic Bay in Niantic, Connecticut, and hosted by the Ladies Aid Society, will welcome attendees to a very full schedule of church services, message circles, weekday and weekend workshops, private readings with visiting mediums, plus many other special events throughout the summer season. Scheduled mediums are at the Pine Grove Camp from Sunday noon through the following Saturday night and during that time they provide workshops, private readings by appointment only, plus conduct church services and message circles. The schedule is rich, full and the camp is a ‘treasure’ we hope everyone can visit and enjoy. For more information, please visit www.pinegrovespiritualistcamp.net. Like them on Facebook.

Morris Pratt Institute

The Morris Pratt Institute in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, offers a correspondence course on Modern Spiritualism to educate the Ministry, workers and leaders, and all Spiritualists, on the history, Science, Philosophy and Religion of this great world view.

The MPI also presents special seminars and a two-week residential course in Pastoral Skills to meet the requirements for becoming NSAC Ministers.  www.morrispratt.org

Lily Dale Assembly, Lily Dale, New York

From the end of June through Labor Day, workshops, classes, speakers, special events, etc., are offered to the general public.  All are welcome. For information and to request a 2017 brochure, go to: www.lilydaleassembly.com.  For history on Lily Dale, please  go to: http://www.nsac.org/LilyDale.htm

Arthur Findlay College
Spiritualist Center in Stansted, England