January, 2018:

            14-Arleen Barlow
            28-Laura Carragher
              (Board Meeting)

February, 2018:
              11-Daiva Morales
              25-Risa Rodgers
           (Membership Meeting)

March, 2018:
             03-Mediums' Day
             11- Patricia Kelleher
              25-Risa Rodgers

April, 2018:
               8-Julie Griffin
               22-Fletcher Bass
            (Membership Meeting)

May, 2018:
            13-Risa Rodgers
(No Fellowship Hour-Mother's Day)
            12-CSSA Convention
            27-Daiva Morales

June, 2018:
            10-Laura Carragher
            24-Panel on spirituality
            (Board Meeting)

July, 2018:
            8-Arleen Barlow
            22-Denise Atkinson

August, 2018:
            12-Daiva Morales
            26-Rev. Jackie Randall

September, 2018:
            9-Ed Cleveland, Gong Healing Service
(Membership Meeting)
            23-Sue Lopes, Musical Healing

October, 2018:
            14- Randeane Tetu, Harmonic Healing Service with Crystal Bowl
            (Board Meeting)
            28-Laura Carragher, Tibetan Bowls Healing Service

November, 2018:
            11-Julie Griffin
            25-Patricia Kelleher

December, 2018:
            9-Rev. Jackie Randall
  Holiday Pot Luck!

Photographs by Julie Griffin


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