July 3, 2020:  Randeane Tetu is doing a sound healing meditation from 7:30-8:30.

She will be at her home and you will be at yours or wherever you would like to be. She is asking that you tune into her energy during this time and help her to send healing out to all who need it, including the planet. The more people participating, the more love and healing we can send out to all in need. Thank you in advance.



Pastor Daiva Morales

1-3pm(following Fellowship Hour)

2020 Classes

Sept. 27, Nov. 8

Members: $20. Non-Members: $25

We are a Charter Member of The National Spiritualist Association of Churches

We are cancelling all services and classes for July in light of the Covid-19 virus and the  shelter at home protocol currently in place. We will keep you updated on this. Our FaceBook page will be carrying short videos, meditations, inspirational messages and some sound healing by Ed Cleveland which you may want to access.  We have added an inspirational page on our website, so please check this out. Thank you for your patience and blessings to all.


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Sunday Services

Second and Fourth Sundays of the  month

Lyceum 9:15-10:15 am
Service 10:30 am -12 pm
Fellowship Hour Noon-1 pm
All are welcome!

We ask for healing energies be sent to Dede Krasnow, who is recovering from a stroke, and Daiva Morales who is dealing with chronic pain. Blessings to each as they work on their healing.


Instructor:  Laura Carragher

April 12 class will be rescheduled at a later date.

1-3pm, Upstairs

Please dress comfortably and bring a mat or pillow to sit on.

Cost: $20 Members, $25 Non-Members


November 14, 2020


$20 for 20 minute reading

​Refreshments and free healings downstairs

On Facebook:  We have sound healing videos available for your watching and listening pleasure by Sound Healer/Instructor, Ed Cleveland.  We also have a few videos relating to spirituality and healing and other related subjects. One of the latest is from Kathleen Schurman, medium, healer, friend of our church and owner of Locket's Meadow Animal Sanctuary in Bethany. Check it out if you can. We are putting new info out weekly. Blessings and love to all.