MEDIUMS' DAY, November 17, 2018


80 Walsh Ave, Newington

20 Minute Readings for $20

Refreshments and Free Healings downstairs.


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The National Spiritualist Association of Churches, Inc.

Sunday, June 24, there will be  a small panel of mediums to answer questions related to spirituality and metaphysics.  Service starts at 10:30-12, with a Fellowship Hour following from 12-1.  If you have questions that ned answering, there will be paper to write them on in the lobby and a basket in which to drop them before the service.  



Spiritualism is the Science, Philosophy and Religion of continuous life.  We have no dogmas or creeds and are guided by our Declaration of Principles. We are encouraged to seek the truth for ourselves.  Our services demonstrate the continuity of life through Mediumship and Laying-On-Of-Hands Healing.  We are pleased to have you join us.  Everyone is invited to sit for healing if this wish.  The messages from Mediums are short greetings and not intended to be long readings.  Two Mediums Days are scheduled annually for longer readings.  


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10:30 AM - Noon

Fellowship Hour Noon-1 PM

​All are welcome!


Make spiritualism a way of life.

Sunday, July 8, our speaker will be Arleen Barlow.  Ms. Barlow is a trance channel, a teacher, a nurse and has been attending our church for almost 40 years. She speaks at other spiritualist churches in the area as well.

Featured Events/Services

At 9:15 a.m. before each service, we hold open-discussion Adult Lyceum classes on Spiritualism, Spiritual Natural Laws, Mediumship, Spiritual Healing and other related topics.

We Believe In Infinite Intelligence

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